Why 3D is important?
  • By Ash Satapathy
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  • Tue, 27-Dec-2022 04:35
  • Why 3D is important?

    3D has been a dominating technology around the world. From film to printing, it is exploring newer horizons at a very fast pace. Looking at objects or scenes from every possible angle gives the perspective to inquire into the deep. With the latest automation & mobile technology on the rise, several other concepts have revolutionized the way of 3D. Not only are these new processes a huge leap for the industry, they have also resulted in mind-boggling ideas being converted into reality.


    Now everything we have around us is 3D. And we love taking advantage of its amazing features and true values as a vital tool for solving our problems in the gaming, mining, and film industries. 3D is appealing because it's more like reality flat views. It engages us by triggering unconscious responses, which are more closely connected with our emotional selves.

    On the other hand, Augmented and Virtual Reality brings up new dimensions. As digital technologies and 3D visualization along with AR/VR continue to mature, a new world of opportunity is opening up for several other firms. The prospect of visualizing an entire scene in realistic 3D graphics, exploring it immersively through virtual reality (VR), and analyzing overlaid information through augmented reality (AR) without having to trawl through siloed databases is starting to gain traction in the industry. The technology opens up new avenues in mine site planning, logistics, training, and stakeholder engagement.

    3D Animation

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